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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Company Formation in Oman

The entrepreneurial journey is not only about building a successful business but also about growth, learning, and correcting mistakes from our day-to-day business activities. As entrepreneurs, we need to plan and foresee the problems that we will encounter in the future. 

Company formation in Oman is a complex and layered process involving several legal steps, making it immensely difficult for business owners or entrepreneurs to completely comply with the entire process. If we have clear understanding of all these common mistakes, then as an entrepreneur the chances of facing the problems will be reduced during the company formation process in Oman. We have listed a few common mistakes that normally entrepreneurs do during Company formation in Oman.

Incorrect Company Names: The first and most significant task is deciding a unique company name for company formation, which would be different or need to be available at the Government registrar. Once you finalize the name, it is ideal to cross-verify the company name, brand elements, or logo, which should not interfere with any existing brand that has applied for a trademark. If you infringe on any registered brand under the Trademark Act, then the existing brand can take legal steps. Hence, it's recommended that your Company's name does not infringe on the intellectual property of existing brands. 

Incorrect Company Type: At the time of company formation in Oman, we must be sure of the company type. The type of Company would determine the legal and tax liability of your business and determine how much personal liability someone has in the scenario of unwanted consequences. The company type of your business, though, can be changed or altered at a later point of time.  A company should not have to go through this option of change in company type as it is usually complicated and cumbersome process. Due to its complexities, this process would take longer to change the company type at a later stage.

Incorrect Supporting Documents: Certain supporting documents are required during company registration in Oman. These documents would be a Memorandum of Association (MoA), Article of Association (AoA), or the details of shareholders with visas, etc., which need to be signed and, in certain scenarios, attested. 

Unnecessary Appointment of Directors: It's not necessary that all the shareholders of the Company need to be appointed as directors of the Company. The Directors of the Company can be from diverse backgrounds that would form a robust team which would include shareholders, legal professional’s, industry experts, etc. The board of directors would make critical decisions on behalf of the Company that would decide the growth of the Company over a more extended period, keeping the Company compliant with all the regulations. Hence, it is ideal that the Directors of the Company are from diverse backgrounds. 

Shareholder's Agreement: The shareholder's agreement is one of the most important documents to be drafted, agreed upon, and signed by all the shareholders of the Company. It should contain all the important details of the agreement between the shareholders, such as share issuance and allotment, share capital, lock-in period, and terms of investment, like transfer of shares, dividend declaration, inheritance of ownership, nominee details, etc. In the absence of such a written agreement, disputes between the shareholders can become extremely challenging to resolve. 

As an entrepreneur or business owner of the Company, I know that the above-listed points might result in penalties levied by the government or unforeseen disputes. We at Gryffin Capitalist specialize in company formation in Oman and have a team of experienced professionals and legal experts who would be happy to assist you. 

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