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Company Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Incorporate Your Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company with Us Starting from AED 9,000.

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Company Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Company Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Abu Dhabi continues to be a popular choice for investors. Expatriates can significantly strengthen each region's economy. To recognize this, the federal government has created exclusive policies for establishing companies in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone. You can take advantage of investor-friendly processes to establish your company in the jurisdiction, conduct significant business operations, and expand.

We advise business entities on the optimal course of action and the kind of commercial activity that will benefit each category the most. Our qualified team will assist you if you consider Company Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, UAE.

Know About Abu Dhabi Company Formation

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the Emirates & one of the best business setup locations in the world. Establishing a company in Abu Dhabi offers various advantages, such as modern infrastructure and a strategic location between Asia, Europe, and Africa. Business owners can set up different types of companies in Abu Dhabi, such as free zone companies, mainland companies, and offshore companies, each with unique advantages and legal requirements. The entrepreneur must obtain essential licenses and permits from competent authorities depending on the chosen activity. In addition, establishing a company in Abu Dhabi involves several steps, including company selection, approval, company registration, and obtaining visas and other necessary documents for employees. Therefore, Abu Dhabi is a company formation haven for investors and entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to expand their presence in the Middle East.

Top Business Opportunities in Abu Dhabi Free Zone

Businesses of all sizes, including SMEs, startups, solopreneurs, freelancers, and multinational corporations, can set up shop in Abu Dhabi's free zones (MNC). Abu Dhabi's free zones provide a wide range of activities to meet a wide range of corporate needs. 

Each free zone in Abu Dhabi represented a certain industry and was constructed to satisfy the needs of that industry. The most well-known industries are media and entertainment, production, medium- and heavy-industry, light-industry, logistics, e-commerce, e-gaming, etc.

Corporate Structures

Entrepreneurs must choose a suitable legal structure for their planned firm once a free zone and pertinent business activities have been chosen. A legal structure is chosen based on the number and kind of shareholders in the firm.

Using business formation services in Abu Dhabi is a practical technique for correctly choosing a legal structure for the firm. In Abu Dhabi free zones, the following kinds of legal companies may be incorporated:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company

An independent legal organization called a Free Zone Limited Liability Corporation (FZ LLC) can be established with at least two shareholders. Shareholders can be individuals, corporations, or a combination of the two.

The maximum number of shareholders and other necessary requirements must be confirmed with each free zone authority by foreign investors. To learn the prerequisites for forming FZ LLCs, business owners can speak with experts in Abu Dhabi who specialize in business settings.

Branch Offices

A branch company is a business that shares its parent firm's legal status. Branch offices may be established in Abu Dhabi free zones by companies having registrations both inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Branch offices must carry out all or a portion of the parent company's operations. Businesses that use Abu Dhabi's company establishment services can easily establish branch offices.

Freelance Permits

From Abu Dhabi free zones, people can get freelancing permission if they want to work on their own. A freelancer permit, in contrast to ordinary licenses, enables people to conduct business under their actual names rather than a corporate name.

In Abu Dhabi's premier free zone, Twofour54, aspirants can obtain freelance permits. A free zone freelancing visa application might be guided by Abu Dhabi company establishment consultants.

In addition, there are many tax incentives that offer the greatest advantages to a candidate pursuing the registration of a company in Abu Dhabi.

Steps for establishing a business in the free zone of Abu Dhabi

In the free zone in Abu Dhabi, starting a business is easy, hassle-free, quick, uncomplicated, and without any bureaucratic obstacles. This is to encourage the creation of businesses in free zones.

Without forming a joint venture with an Emirati citizen, free zones allow foreign entrepreneurs to hold 100% of their business. An independent government agency called the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority manages registration, gives operating licenses, and helps people start businesses.

You need a residential tenancy agreement if you intend to sponsor dependents. Only in Abu Dhabi do you need to rent an apartment or a villa.

Documents Required
Application for a Business
Pictures in passport size with a white background
Copy of the stockholders' passports
Details of the commercial activity
Number of visas needed.
Two separate address proofs (dated within three months)
Professional or Financial Reference Letter
Curriculum Vitae (resume of career history) for independent contractor license
Articles of Association (For Branch)
Memorandum of Association (For Branch)
Shareholders' Agreement (For Branch)
Nomination of Managers (For Branch)
Copies of Board Resolution (For a foreign company willing to open a branch office or representative office)
Notarized Papers (For Branch)
A copy of the relevant share capital documents (Certificate of Paid-up Share Capital) (For Branch)
Capital placed in Abu Dhabi Bank Account, Deposit Slip (For Branch)
Name Approval Document (For Branch)
The Premises Lease Agreement (For Branch)
Benefits of Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Setup
100% control of the business
Sophisticated infrastructure already in place
Complete return of money and earnings
Exemption of products and services from import and export customs taxes
A reduction in personal or corporate income taxes
A setting that is conducive to business, with streamlined company formation procedures
Business cluster setting where businesses from related industries coexist on the same campus. This encourages cordial communication and productive teamwork.
Corporation legislation and a legal system that is conducive to business
A single point of contact for a variety of government services, such as those related to visas, traffic, residential permits, licensing, and the post office
Quick access to experienced specialists and a rapid immigration process.
The Abu Dhabi, Free Zone Authority, offers assistance to businesses operating in the free zone. A company's foundation in the free zone of Abu Dhabi involves extensive planning and judgment.
Our Business Setup Services in Abu Dhabi
Business Registration
Services provided by Public Relations Officers
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Tax Advisory
Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT)
Establishing a Branch Office in the UAE
Protection of Intellectual Property
List of the 
List Of Free Zones in Abu Dhabi

The following is the list of free zones in Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone
Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone
Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
TwoFour54 Free Zone
Masdar City Free Zone
Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp).

Top Freezones for Company Incroporation

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Gryffin Capitalist is a team of skilled individuals with extensive understanding in this area that works for our clients.  As part of the requirements for forming a business, we also handle the visa, licensing, banking, registration, hiring, and residency requirements.

Choose us to fulfill your dream business setup in an Abu Dhabi Free Zone. Contact us for further details regarding your Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Abu Dhabi Free Zone permits the establishment of four different categories of businesses: branches of foreign companies, branches of UAE companies, Free Zone Limited Liability Companies, and freelance permits.

Abu Dhabi is home to eight free zones. Higher Corporation for SEZ, TwoFour54, Abu Dhabi Global Markets, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ), Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone (ADPCFZ), and Masdar City Free Zone are among the free zones in Abu Dhabi (MCFZ).


A Free Zone Company can be established in Abu Dhabi more quickly than other business structures. The government promotes businesses in free zones. As a result, there aren't any unnecessary or other delays.

Only inside the designated Free Zone jurisdiction may the Free Zone company conduct business. It is not permissible to conduct company operations in the other market. You must establish a mainland company to conduct unrestricted business operations throughout the nation.

Absolutely, a company secretary would need to be chosen by the business.

Yes, in some free zones.

Each of Abu Dhabi's eight free zones has unique advantages and characteristics. Depending on the activity you pick.

Choosing a free zone to open a business in and the business license obtained will determine the exact cost of the Abu Dhabi free zone license. The cost starts from AED 9,000*.