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Business Setup in UAE

We provide an easy and quick business setup with no additional fees in the UAE. Start your entrepreneurial journey in one of the seven Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Ajman, and Umm-Al-Quwain.

The entire process can be accomplished in a brief time frame. So, don't hold out for your dream to materialize and make it happen right away!

Incorporate Your Business in the UAE Starting from AED 5,510*.

We Provide:

  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Flexible Operation
  • Affordable Price
  • 24*7 Support
  • Corporate Bank Account Opening much more

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Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in UAE

In recent years, the UAE has developed into a brand-new investor haven. Because of economic changes carried out by forward-thinking governments, enthusiasm from firms across the world to create a regional presence has been growing day by day. Gryffin Capitalist has developed its business advisory skills thanks to outstanding leadership and a group of driven, motivated professionals. With our full range of business setup services, we assist you in Business Setup in UAE from the very beginning to the very end. Following Business Setup, Gryffin Capitalist also provides you with complimentary services that you must not pass up!

What Are the Three Jurisdictions for Setting Up a Business in UAE?

One of the most crucial considerations to make when Setting Up a Business in UAE is selecting the correct type of company structure. You typically have three choices: an offshore entity, a free zone, or a mainland entity. 

The ideal choice will depend on the operations of your business, potential trading partners, organizational structure, and other factors.



Free Zone



Business is open both domestically and globally

Unrestricted access to transact business abroad as well as within the free zone

They cannot conduct business in the UAE with a physical location


Completely foreign ownership (Not applicable for all activities)

Completely foreign ownership

Completely foreign ownership


To keep the business in good condition, financial audits are necessary

Preparation for financial audits depends on the free zone jurisdiction

They are exempt from performing an audit

Office Requirements

Flexi spaces or actual offices for permitted purposes

Flexi spaces or actual offices for permitted purposes

Not permitted to physically be present in the UAE

Minimum Capital

The minimum capital requirement is determined by the legal framework

Depending on the emirate it belongs to

No requirement for a minimum capital base exists

Visa Options

Based on the size of the workplace, the number of visas granted is determined

The UAE visa packages are affected by the free zone jurisdiction correspondingly

While there is no necessity for an office site, there is no choice for a resident visa


The general public is welcome to request information about a mainland corporation

The information about a free zone enterprise can be requested by the general public

The information about the offshore corporation is kept secret

Who Can Proceed with a Company Formation in UAE?

It’s simple to launch a Business in UAE. Almost everyone can accomplish it.

This is due to the numerous incentives provided by the government for Company Formation in UAE. The most important thing you should know is that save from a sole proprietorship, most businesses kinds require an Emirati partner who owns 51% of the company(applicable only for the UAE mainland companies).

After that, all that remains is for you to register your business and obtain licenses. You could occasionally also be required to achieve minimum capital requirements.

The UAE Free Zones are the finest part. These are distinct regions that attract many foreign investments. It is because they levy 0% corporate and personal tax, allows 100% foreign ownership, and exemptions from import and export taxes.

The Different Corporate Structures to Choose for a Company Formation in UAE

Prior to starting a business in the UAE, you must determine which corporate structure best suits your goals and interests. The following is a list of the business setup in the Emirates:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Civil Company
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Foreign Company Branch
  • Free Zone Company
  • Freelancers

The Procedure for a Company Setup in UAE

When initiating a Company Setup in UAE process, there are a few steps to keep in mind:

Business Type

The type of license you require will depend on the type of business you choose, which will define the framework for your activities.

Approval from Authorities

An initial green light signifies that the government is in favor of the company's operations in the nation. Also, it enables the investor to proceed to the following stages of the firm setup procedure.


All businesses need to have a physical address in order to operate in the UAE. The company's location and facilities must adhere to the requirements imposed by the appropriate authorities.

Ejari Process

Added to the terms and conditions of the agreement, it contains information about the property, the name of the rental company, or details about the landlord, such as a copy of their passport.


A process called attestation involves a competent authority verifying documents. In the UAE, only a few administrative and governmental bodies have the power to certify documents.

Issue of License

Investors can obtain a business license through the service centers or websites of the economic departments after completing the aforementioned procedures.

The Essential Documents for a Company Setup in UAE
A filled-out application
A business strategy
Copies of shareholders' and directors' passports
Samples of shareholders' and directors' signatures
Letter of Intent
A corporation director or management is appointed by board resolution
The manager or director is granted power of attorney
Articles of incorporation
Directors and shareholder's picture
Information about share capital
Benefits of a Business Setup in UAE
No limitations on currency
Flexibility to operate the business from anywhere in the UAE
A variety of license types and commercial pursuits are allowed
Profitable mainland Dubai market is available for conducting
Business both locally and internationally
Personal income tax exemption
Having the ability to remit all capital and profits
Easy access to work visas
A reliable municipal government, straightforward procedures, and hassle-free legal licensing and registration requirements.
Our Business Setup Services in UAE
Business Registration
Services provided by Public Relations Officers
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Tax Advisory
Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT)
Establishing a Branch Office in the UAE
Protection of Intellectual Property
List of the 
UAE Emirates

You can select from the list of business setups mentioned below for each of the seven Emirates in the UAE at your convenience. Contact us right away, and a member of our staff can assist you in understanding how much your business license will cost you.

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi
Business Setup in Dubai
Business Setup in Sharjah
Business Setup in Fujairah
Business Setup in Ras-Al-Khaimah
Business Setup in Ajman
Business Setup in Umm-Al-Quwain

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist?

We are professionals with a youthful perspective and plenty of dynamism that recognize the significance of your entrepreneurial idea. We promise to treat your company as if it were our own.

Gryffin Capitalist is here to assist you in creating a company that succeeds in the UAE. We are a one-stop-shop for your dream business setup in the Emirates because of the following specializations:

A flexible and tailored strategy

Services integrated advisory

Expert professionals

Intimate familiarity with the UAE market

Ethical conduct and discretion

Services with a focus on results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Starting a business takes several procedures, including raising capital, paying for licenses, and securing employee visas. Depending on the sort of operation, and the kind of license required, whether it is financial, commercial, or service-oriented, etc., there are different costs associated with starting a business.

Arabic and English are the two main languages accepted in the UAE for applications and paperwork.

The largest commercially necessary infrastructure in the region is probably found in the UAE. Administrations provide a lot of room for storage, work areas, and other services.

In order to boost international trade, the UAE region created free zones, also known as free trade zones. Here, a business owner receives full ownership of the company and has access to special tax and customs rates for trading goods and services. Businesses in each free zone are only permitted to conduct business there and nowhere else in the UAE.

Every company establishing up operations in the UAE needs a public relations officer's services (PRO). The processing of official paperwork and permissions, such as trade licenses and visa applications, falls under the category of PRO services.

The most significant advantage is that you retain complete ownership of your company. Taxes and import/export tariffs are also waived in some free zones.

The most common type of company in the UAE is an LLC or limited liability company. Two shareholders are required (minimum), and a maximum of 50 stockholders are required to form an LLC.

The benefits are as follows: You have a wide range of business opportunities because you can trade with any country you choose. You may easily rent affordable office space at any location of your choice while setting up the office; you are not limited to a specific building or area and much more.

While founding a company in the UAE, there are three important business licenses that are accessible. Commercials, professionals, and industrial are these. You can select these licenses based on your line of work. For instance, trade companies may apply for a commercial license, consulting firms may obtain a professional license, and manufacturing organizations may obtain an industrial license.

The UAE has three different kinds of companies: 1) Free Zone Business, 2) Mainland Business, and 3) Offshore Business.