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Business Setup in Ajman

Welcome to Gryffin Capitalist provides information and resources for those interested in small business setups in Ajman. As one of the fastest-growing emirates in the UAE, Ajman offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive. On this page, you will find helpful information about setting up a business in Ajman and the various services we offer to support you.

  • Benefits of company formation in Ajman
  • How to set up a Business in Ajman
  • Services offered by Gryffin Capitalist

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Company Formation in Ajman

Company Formation in Ajman

Our team of experienced business advisors has helped clients set up their businesses in Ajman, and we are committed to helping you achieve your business goals. On this page, you will find helpful information about setting up a business in Ajman and the various services we offer to foreigners looking to set up a company in Ajman.

A Complete Guide to Company Incorporation 

Ajman is known for its business-friendly environment, low operating costs, and strategic location between Dubai and Sharjah. It also offers a range of free zones and business parks, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes and industries. Additionally, the Ajman government is committed to supporting and promoting the growth of businesses in the emirate, offering a range of incentives and benefits to investors and entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Company Formation in Ajman:

  • 100% foreign ownership allowed: Companies can fully own their business without needing a local sponsor.
  • Zero corporate tax: Companies in Ajman Freezones are not subject to corporate tax, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to minimize their tax burden.
  • Investor-friendly policies and regulations: The Ajman government has implemented several investor-friendly policies, including fast and streamlined business registration processes.
  • Availability of business-friendly free zones: Ajman offers several free zones, including the Ajman Free Zone, which provides businesses with various benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate tax, and no restrictions on capital repatriation.
  • Easy process of setting up a business: The company formation process in Ajman is relatively straightforward, with minimal bureaucratic hurdles, making it an attractive location for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

    Key Steps for Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

    • Select a business activity
    • Identify a legal structure.
    • Fill out and submit the business application form 
    • Reserve the trade name.
    • Obtain approval from government bodies for high-risk activities
    • Sign a lease agreement for office space
    • Receive trade license
    • Apply for a Residence visa
    • Open a corporate bank account

    Key Steps for Company Formation in Ajman Freezone

    • Determine the type of legal entity. 
    • Choose a trading name.
    • Apply for a business license.
    • Choose an office space.
    • Get pre-approvals, and register your business.

    Suitable Businesses in Ajman

    • Retail and Wholesale
    • Construction
    • Logistics
    • Trading
    • Manufacturing

    Process of Company Formation in Ajman

    Ajman, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is quickly emerging as a popular destination for business setup in the region. With its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and investor-friendly policies. Ajman offers a supportive business environment for companies looking to expand their operations in the UAE and beyond. In this article, we will discuss the company formation process in Ajman, the benefits of business setup in Ajman, mainland, free zone, and offshore company formation in Ajman, and the key factors to consider before starting a company in the Emirate.

    Company setup in Ajman offers several benefits for companies setting up operations in the UAE. With its strategic location, low operating costs, investor-friendly policies, excellent infrastructure, and proximity to Dubai, Ajman is an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes and types. However, before starting a company in Ajman, it is important to consider the key factors and seek professional advice to ensure a smooth and successful registration process.

    Documents Required for Company Registration in Ajman
    Passport Copy
    Certified Proof of address (not older than 3 months)
    Bank Reference letter (within 3 months)
    Benefits of Ajman Mainland Business Setup
    100% foreign ownership in specific activities
    Zero personal tax
    Robust infrastructure
    Excellent connectivity through sea, air, and land
    Strategic location
    Low-cost living
    Ability to hire foreign laborers at a low cost
    Availability of office spaces and warehouses at low rentals
    Our Business Setup Services in Ajman
    Business consulting and advisory services
    Business licensing and registration support
    Visa and immigration support for employees
    Real estate and property management services
    Bank account opening and financial management support
    Marketing and branding support.

    Top Freezones for Company Incroporation

    Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist?

    At Gryffin Capitalist, we are committed to providing exceptional service and support to our clients. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the Ajman company formation process and the regulations and requirements in different jurisdictions. We use this knowledge to help our clients easily navigate the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

    Working with a professional business advisor or lawyer familiar with company formation laws and regulations in Ajman is essential for guaranteeing that all necessary steps are completed correctly and legally. Additionally, staying up to date on any changes in Ajman company laws and regulations is important for guaranteeing compliance with local laws. So please contact us if you have any further questions.

    So why wait? Get in touch with Gryffin Capitalist today and take the first step towards a brighter future for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Ajman Media Free Zone company costs around AED 20,000 (approx) all-inclusive, while Ajman Free Zone costs around AED 25,000 (approx) all-inclusive. This may vary depending on the number of visas required, the rental space, and the type of business activity chosen.

    AFZA permits investors to establish companies and conduct business with 100% foreign ownership and no taxation.

    Here are the essential steps for establishing a business in a free zone. Determine the legal entity type. Choose a business name. Make an application for a business license. Select an office space. Obtain pre-approvals, register your company, and obtain your license.

    Reduced fixed and operating costs. Promising investment opportunities are available. Strong infrastructure. Various business facilities are available.