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Business Setup in Sharjah

Sharjah has developed into a significant industrial hub as well as a center for the arts and culture. By combining the creation of human-centric experiences with the growth of physical resources and infrastructure, the Emirate of Sharjah adopts a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to economic and social development.

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All About Company Formation in Sharjah

The way entrepreneurs and ex-pats select Sharjah as the location for a branch office or to establish a firm shows how it has developed into one of the most promising business centers in the UAE. The location provides exceptional connectivity with the rest of the world because it has both an international airport and a seaport. 

A great variety of beneficial elements make a Business Setup in Sharjah simple. The Emirate has rules that are beneficial to investors, making it easy to start a business in Sharjah. Even those who are new to the sector will feel comfortable thanks to the helpful authorities and simple company setup procedures.

In either Mainland or Free Zone jurisdiction, a company can be incorporated. For each of Sharjah's domains, there are different requirements and different processes for forming a corporation. 

To initiate your Company Formation in Sharjah, you must have knowledge of the permitted business entities and the available license types in the Emirate.

The Permitted Business Entities in Sharjah

For the business formation procedure to be effective, investors must choose an acceptable legal structure. In Sharjah, the following types of businesses can be formed, depending on the number of shareholders:

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) can be established with a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of 50. Each shareholder's obligation to the corporation is capped at the value of their capital share.

From June 2021, the government has made a provision for ex-pats to establish an LLC in Sharjah with 100% foreign ownership.

Partnership Company

A partnership corporation is created by two or more shareholders who are each jointly responsible for the firm's debts based on the number of shares they own. A partnership corporation cannot be started by foreign investors, unlike an LLC.

UAE citizens must represent all of the shareholders.

Sole Proprietorship

A Local Service Agent (LSA) Corporation is essentially a sole proprietorship with a single owner. To launch a business with just one owner, foreign business owners must select an LSA who is a citizen of the UAE.

If the owner is a citizen of the UAE or a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the LSA requirement does not apply. There are no ownership or shareholding claims in the company for the LSA is eligible.

Public/ Private Shareholding Company

A shareholding corporation divides its share capital into equal-valued tradeable shares. Each business partner is only partially liable for the value of their respective shares. For a private shareholding corporation in Sharjah, the rules that apply to public joint stock companies apply. The initial members of the corporation are those who sign the memorandum and articles of association.

Branch Company

Companies that have already registered may incorporate their branches on the Sharjah mainland. Companies from the GCC, the UAE, and other countries are all permitted to establish branches in Sharjah mainland.

The Available License Types in Sharjah

The following licenses can be availed according to your business requirements:

  • Industrial License
  • Commercial License
  • Professional License

Choose a Jurisdiction for Your Company Setup in Sharjah

The foreigners have a choice between two sorts of commercial jurisdictions for a Company Setup in Sharjah.


A company may decide to establish itself in Sharjah Mainland, which includes regions designated by UAE government agencies for commercial purposes. It consists of one of the Emirate's most economically advanced areas with regulated statutory practices.

Free Zone

Sharjah Free Zone Company is the most affordable option and is quite modest when compared to the other free zones in the UAE. The Emirates government has provided unrivaled investor incentives and facilities for this company's development.

Documents Required to Set Up Business in Sharjah
Certified copy of the tenancy contract
Land map of ownership certificate photocopy
Certificate of No-Objection letter, visa, passport, and residency proof photocopies
Trade name certificate
Approval from Legal Affairs
Approvals from other government entities, if required
Approval from the Ministry of Economy
Partnership contract certified by a public notary
National ID and family book photocopies
Technical evaluation report
Benefits of a Business Formation in Sharjah
Around 19 industrial districts are located in Sharjah, which produces 49% of the UAE's industrial production
No personal taxes
Superior infrastructure
The two coasts (the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf)
Political steadfastness
The UAE's Center of Culture
Availability of affordable labor
Opening a bank account is simple
Sponsoring a dependent's residency visa is easy
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can establish an LLC with 100 percent ownership.

The most prevalent form of business entity is a limited liability company. This is true not just of Sharjah but also of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

The Sharjah firm must have a minimum of one director. The director does not need to reside in the Emirate.

Starting a business in Sharjah has certain benefits. Tax-free status Adequate regulations Cutting-edge infrastructure The government offers storage facilities. An environment that promotes growth A rapidly rising economy will be helpful for the expansion of your company.

To register a business in Sharjah, the following steps are mandatory: Choosing a trading name At the Sharjah Department of Economic Development, register your firm Get a business license Register your staff on an establishment card you can obtain from the ministry of labor.

There are six free zones (FZ): Sharjah International Airport FZ, Hamriyah Free Zone, U.S.A. Regional Trade Center, Sharjah Publishing City FZ, Sharjah Media City FZ, and Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park FZ.

Some of the business opportunities in Sharjah include the following: Healthcare Travel and Leisure Transport and Logistics Environment.

The precise paperwork needed to establish a business in Sharjah depends on your industry and where you intend to do business. Nonetheless, you are typically required to submit the following: Complete request form Passport document for potential owners or shareholders Two color passport images with a white background are required.

The management shall be delegated to a board of directors made up of no more than fifteen members, with terms no longer than three years.