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Offshore Company Formation in Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is gaining popularity as a choice for both setting up companies and registering yachts.

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Marshall Islands Offshore Company Formation

Situated in the Pacific Ocean and a part of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands is a country with a history. These islands were once under the rule of the German empires and subsequently occupied by Japan and the US before gaining independence in 1979. 

Presently, it stands as a state within the United States. It is renowned for its offshore financial services and maritime registration. The country operates under a system of governance led by a president. 

English serves as its language, ensuring stability on the island. This unwavering stability has contributed to every Marshall Islands Offshore Company Formation for various business activities. 

The Marshall Islands offshore financial centre garners significant interest from companies seeking opportunities due to the business services facilitated by their efficient commercial registry, the International Registry. 

Why Choose a Marshall Islands Company Registration?

There are reasons why individuals opt to start their offshore company setup registration in the Marshall Islands. A key factor is that establishing a company there is remarkably straightforward. 

Additionally, once a business is set up, it entails more requirements than other jurisdictions. Furthermore, being a jurisdiction affords companies in the Marshall Islands a level of confidentiality and data protection. 

Information about these entities is not publicly disclosed, minimizing any risk of government involvement or interference. Due to these factors, setting up a business in the Marshall Islands is considered one of the discreet options available. 

It's noteworthy that there is no obligation for these entities to submit reports or returns.

The Marshall Islands Company Incorporation - Tax Scenario

In terms of taxation, the Marshall Islands follows an offshore tax haven approach where offshore profits, including income, remain untaxed. Companies that are registered with the Marshall Islands Business Register and fall under the category of resident companies are exempt from certain obligations. 

Specifically, businesses that do not generate income within the Marshall Islands are not obligated to file tax returns or provide audited reports. Moreover, any Marshall Islands Company Incorporation that does not earn profits from operations within the country is not subjected to income tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax on royalties, interest and dividends, or stamp duty. 

It's worth noting that the Marshall Islands' official currency is the United States Dollar (USD), and currency exchange within its borders is not restricted. 

Marshall Islands Offshore Banking

The banks we collaborate with uphold our confidentiality standards, have reputations and provide a wide range of banking services that we believe are best suited to meet your needs. You must fulfil the identification requirements to apply for an offshore business bank account

Like all of us, banks must ensure compliance with regulations to mitigate the risks associated with money laundering. Also, let us learn how to open your offshore bank account online.

Benefits of starting a company in the Marshall Islands
The Marshall Island will not be required to report or pay any taxes.
Directors' and stakeholders' information should not be disclosed.
The company will have to share the bearer shares.
Yearly returns, accounts, or financial statements are optional for submission.
There are no exchange regulations and simple capital pooling.
Political, economic, and commercial conditions are secure and stable.
There are no exchange controls on foreign transactions
No corporate tax, asset tax, stamp duty for non-resident entities
No With Holding Tax(WHT) on dividends, interest, or royalties made by non-resident entities
Setup an Offshore company in the Marshall Islands is demanded to keep and maintain accounting records and register of directors, shareholders, and B/O
Best suited for business ventures, IP holding, asset management, IPO, tax and estate planning, and vessel/yacht ownership
Marshall Islands Company Formation - The Key Features
Company Name:- It is important to choose an English company name that ends with either "or "Ltd." Certain words.
Directors and Shareholders:- In terms of directors, shareholders, and secretaries for a registered company in the Marshall Islands, one individual is required to fulfil these roles.
Maintenance Fee:- To keep your company registration active and maintained, you need to pay a maintenance fee to both the government and your registered agent.
Accounting Requirements:- It's important to note that companies registered in the Marshall Islands are not allowed to conduct business within the country.
Renewal Fee:- One renewal fee needs to be paid each year of operation. Additionally, all businesses are obligated to submit an economic entity status report.
Governing Law:- Companies in the Marshall Islands are governed by laws such as the RMI Associations Act of 1990 and the Economic Substance Regulation of 2018.
Corporate Entities:- Types of companies incorporated in the Marshall Islands, such as IBC, LLC, LLP, and FME.
Business Activities:- Activities including property ownership, yacht ownership, tax planning, international trade and e-commerce, and patent and trademark ownership as ship ownership.

Documents Required to Setup Marshall Islands Offshore Company

The Certificate of Incorporation provided by the Registrar of Companies
Stamped Articles of Association along with Resolution Appointment of first director
List of directors Register of Shareholders Beneficiaries Registered
Minutes of the first board meeting and Share certificates for each shareholder.
Power of attorney

Steps to register offshore company in Marshall Islands

Choose a company structure
Company Name & Details
Corporate Documents including Memorandum and Articles of Association
Submission of documents to register a company
Corporate bank account opening

Why choose us to set up your Marshall Islands offshore company?

If you need assistance with finding an existing company based in the Marshall Islands or have inquiries about this matter, please don't hesitate to reach out to Gryffin Capitalist. We offer consultations and can provide tailored guidance to your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, in the Marshall Islands, foreigners are permitted to establish offshore businesses.

Get in touch with our experts at Gryffin Capitalist to know about the minimum capital requirement according to your business needs.

No, foreign corporations are not allowed to operate in the nation.

Yes, the Marshall Islands exclude offshore businesses from income and corporation taxes.

Although the process of forming an offshore corporation can take many weeks, it often takes seven to ten business days.

No, actual office space is not a need for offshore enterprises operating in this country.

In the Marshall Islands, bank accounts can be opened by offshore firms.

The offshore company's name should adhere to the naming criteria issued by the appropriate authorities and should not clash with the names of other companies.