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Offshore Company Formation in Georgia

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Georgia Offshore Company Formation

When starting a business in Georgia, you'll need to complete documentation and register with the state based on the "one contact" principle. The great thing is that you have the opportunity to start a business in any industry you prefer. 

This includes a range of sectors such as health, safety, environmental protection, gambling, communications, and energy, among others. Keep in mind that specific businesses may require a license as outlined in the Georgia License and Permit Act, and you can find a list of licensed activities.

Now, let's talk about why a Georgia Offshore Company Formation has its advantages. 

The Amazing Benefits To Setup A Company Georgia
One such advantage is the presence of Free Industrial Zones (FIZs) located in cities throughout Georgia like Poti, Kutaisi, and Tbilisi.
Businesses operating within these zones enjoy benefits, including exemptions from import taxes and local property taxes, reduced building inspection fees, government fees, and certain other charges.
Moreover, Georgia boasts a tax policy with one of the highest corporate tax rates (15%) among European countries. There's no need to worry about capital gains tax when you're setting up your company.
Additionally, there are no capital requirements imposed for starting your venture. Furthermore, Georgia has established taxation agreements with 52 countries, Making it easier for businesses to navigate transactions while minimizing tax burdens.
So, if you're considering launching your Georgia Offshore Company, these factors make it an attractive destination to explore. Georgia's tax system is structured at state and local levels. Federal taxes take precedence, including tax at 15% and VAT at 18%
Notably, Georgian authorities do not impose restrictions on a currency conversion, capital gains, or profits. So, before you begin with your offshore company setup registration, let us read about the available business structures.
Offshore Company in Georgia - The Available Corporate Entities
In Georgia, various types of companies can be registered. These include proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), public companies, partnership companies, solidarity companies and corporations.
Joint Stock Company:- Joint stock companies have their capital divided into shares that can be owned by both the founder and third parties. These shares can be acquired through stock market purchases.
LLC Formation :- The common form of registration in Georgia is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). One reason for its popularity is that the ownership of the founder/participant is separate from that of the company itself.
Limited Partnership:- Limited partnerships are not commonly used in Georgia. In this business form, some partners/stakeholders (known as command partners) are not directly involved in our day-to-day activities.
Corporation:- A liability company is a type of partnership where two or more individuals (partners) conduct business on behalf of the company and are personally accountable for its activities using their resources.
It has the ability to continue operating based on changes in shareholders' status. Reach out to our experts at Gryffin Capitalist to decide on your suitable business structure.

Required Documents to setup an Offshore Company in Georgia

Certified passport copy
Certified of address proof (issued within 3 months from today)

Steps to setup a company in Georgia

When starting an Offshore Company in Georgia, both domestic and foreign investors should follow these steps:


Work with our team at Gryffin Capitalist to determine the business type for your venture in Georgia.


We will assist you in deciding and selecting a business name that meets your requirements.


Our consultants will handle registering your chosen name in the Georgia National Public Register and prepare all the documents.

Notarize with Confidence

We'll guide you through notarising your documents with trusted notaries.

Certify with Precision

You'll be assigned an identification number by the Business Register, which is crucial for further procedures.

Navigate Tax Registration Smoothly

A state certificate will be. We'll ensure that your new company goes through the tax registration process smoothly.

Facilitate Banking Solutions

At Gryffin Capitalist, we also offer assistance in opening bank accounts tailored to your business needs to open your offshore bank account online.

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist for Your Georgia Company Incorporation?

Here are some advantages of starting your Georgia Offshore Company with our expert team at Gryffin Capitalist.

  • We offer a wide range of services, including corporate, government, and business intelligence solutions.
  • Our team of professionals specialises in company registration and management, accounting services, audit advice, tax planning and optimization strategies, and trademark and patent registration.
  • Rest assured that we always have the experts on hand to support your business needs.
  • We provide coverage across all regions of Georgia, so you can choose any location with confidence.
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that all your information is secure and protected with us. Our priority is handling the customer data to ensure its protection.
  • Our approach is strategically designed so that you can experience efficiency and productivity. 
  • Our services are tailored specifically to help you succeed in your business.

So, while incorporating your company in Georgia, our team of experts is readily available to assist in every step. Thus, get in touch with our Georgia Company Formation professionals to take your business to heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To ensure that the business formation satisfies the requirements for establishing a new company in Georgia, our experts provide a free consultation and assessment before the registration procedure.

Our experts gather, compile, and submit the required paperwork along with the application for business registration. Once the registration process is finished you'll receive the documents along, with the incorporation certificate.

It takes a week or more to complete the Georgian company registration process.

The price of incorporation in Georgia is determined by several variables. Comprehensive review, company registration, service, and certificate are all included in the registration fee.

A business name must meet the standards established by Georgia's National Public Registry. To obtain a qualified opinion on registering a business name in Georgia, get in touch with Gryffin Capitalist.

Yes, if you want to operate a business in Georgia, you will need a license or permit.

To confirm the registration of a business or organization, Gryffin Capitalist's consultants will get in touch with Georgia's National Agency of Public Registry and collaborate closely with them.

The following are the benefits you can avail of while working with our experts: Full range of related services Professionalism and expertise Thorough domestic service Fast and safe Efficiency and productivity.