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Offshore Company Formation in Samoa

Planning for an offshore company formation? Choosing IBC registration proves to be feasible as it has the most flexible corporate management structure. Our experts will assist you throughout the entire business setup procedure for your Samoa Company Registry in the jurisdiction.

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Samoa Offshore Company Formation

Samoa Offshore Company Formation is currently implementing enhancements to make products more user-friendly and cater to the requirements of the Asian market. Samoa, a collection of islands situated in the heart of Polynesia within the Pacific Ocean, is less than 3,000 km away from New Zealand and just over 4,000 km away from the Hawaiian Islands. 

Since 1962, Samoa has enjoyed its independence as a state with a three-tier system comprising the Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, and other legal entities. The legal framework in Samoa follows the principles of common law. 

The Central Bank of Samoa assumes responsibility for implementing monetary policy, managing foreign exchange reserves, regulating commercial bank operations, and supervising companies based in Samoa. The local currency used is called Samoan Tala. 

Benefits of Samoa Offshore Company Formation
Corporate Privacy
Asset Protection
Business-friendly Tax Regime
Minimal Reporting Requirements
No Exchange Control
Samoa Offshore Company Formation is Suitable for
Real Estate
Import and export of goods
Holding intellectual property rights
Inheritance purposes

Documents Required for Samoa Offshore Company Registration

Passport copies of the directors and shareholders.
Address proof
Offshore company incorporation order form

Steps to Set Up a Samoa Offshore Company Incorporation

Select the Company Name

Choose a trade name complying with the Samoan government regulations and choose up to three names. 

Get a Registered Office

Samoa offshore company incorporation requires a physical address in the country with the postal address. Finalize that once finalizing the trade name.

Obtain the Incorporation Certificate

Submit all the required documents, get them stamped, and obtain the company incorporation certificate.

Obtain the License

Certain companies require particular licenses and permits in Samoa. Contact the department in charge or the local authorities to get it done. 

Open a Bank Account

Open a bank account to track all the financial transactions for the offshore company. 

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist to setup an Offshore Company Formation Samoa

Under Samoan law, there is a provision for transferring company assets in certain circumstances. Concerning accounting practices in Samoa, there is no obligation to maintain accounting records or submit reports. 

Moreover, Samoan offshore companies benefit from tax exemption. Registering a company in Samoa can be done quickly and affordably nowadays, making it more accessible than before.

Setting up a company by registering it in Samoa is widely regarded as one of the most budget choices, from the array of services we offer. So, reach out to us today for your Samoa Offshore Company Formation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Samoa, the directors' records are private, while shareholders' information is voluntary. Samoa is one of the most popular offshore countries because of its secrecy.

Businesses that have distinct suffixes but the same left partial are regarded as having the same name. In Samoa, the prefixes Ltd, Corp, Inc, SA, NV, or GmbH are permitted.

Businesses that are incorporated in Samoa under the International Companies Act of 1987 enjoy exemptions from both corporation and income taxes. Accounting and auditing are not necessary; however, Samoa companies are required to keep financial records that reflect the financial position of the company.

It is forbidden for an overseas business to deal with Samoan citizens or domestic businesses, invest in domestic businesses, or settle any property disputes. Nonetheless, the business is permitted to own stock in foreign corporations or businesses formed following the International Companies Act.

The following forms can be used to register an international company, excluding limited life companies: a company limited by shares, a company limited by both shares and guarantees or a company limited by guarantee.

Foreign-owned or international corporations are not subject to any capital gains tax, stamp duty, income tax, dividends, earnings, or interests from companies whose owners do not reside in Samoa.

The yearly requirements for filing and company upkeep are straightforward, and an annual return is not required. All that an overseas business needs to do is keep up its corporate structure, local registered agent, Samoan registered office, and annual government renewal cost.

One shareholder and one director are required. They don't have to be Samoan residents; they can be either an individual or a corporate entity of any nationality.