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Offshore Company Formation in Saint Lucia

Looking for Company Formation Services? Our experts make sure that your company in St. Lucia Offshore is set up efficiently and correctly from the start.

  • Efficient Incorporation Process
  • Tax Advantages
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • No Minimum Capital Requirements
  • Open your corporate bank account with our global banking partners.
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Saint Lucia Offshore Company Formation

Saint Lucia is renowned for hosting one of the world's centers for financial services and business incubation. We provide Offshore Company Formation in St. Lucia and a range of other services to businesses operating in various sectors. 

Among these, the International Business Company (IBC) stands out as the sought-after option. The Saint Lucian IBC is highly regarded globally for its simplicity, low annual fees, and flexible structure. 

The country boasts a financial framework established under the International Business Companies Act of 1999.

Benefits of Saint Lucia Offshore Company Formation
Confidentiality - The private documents are kept confidential for the formation of the St. Lucia offshore company. The equity in the form of the company’s shares is only known to the Registered Agent.
Asset Protection - The assets of the St. Lucia offshore company are known as the beneficial owners of the company. Since the documents and information are not disclosed to any third parties, the assets are in St. Lucia's safe hands.
No Currency Restrictions - St. Lucia allows for the free movement of money across the national border.
Eliminating Stamp Duties and Real Estate Tax - St Lucia offshore company can own real estate. The transfer of shares is tax-exempt.
Minimized Tax Regulation - The corporate income tax rate is 1%. No capital gains tax needs to be paid.
Features of Saint Lucia Offshore Company Registration
A minimum of one director and shareholder is needed for the St. Lucia offshore company formation.
No physical presence is required for the company formation.
Include the abbreviation for the company name that indicates the limited liability of the company (Limited, Ltd., Incorporated, Inc, etc.).
Mandatory requirements for a physical presence, i.e. a legal address of the company.
No information of the company will be put on the Company Register.

Documents Required for Saint Lucia Offshore Company Incorporation

Passport copies of each shareholder and director of the company.
Address proof ( utility bill/ driver’s license).
Professional reference from an accountant or lawyer.
Bank reference ID.

Steps to Set Up a Saint Lucia Offshore Company

Finalize a Company Name

The first step is to select a name for the company according to The Saint Lucia Corporate Registry.

Select the Company Type:

St. Lucia has options for an offshore company, including an International Business Company (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Public Limited Company (PLC), and Branch company. 

Prepare the Documents

Upload all the documents mentioned above to the Corporate Registry's website. The documents may vary depending on the company types. 

Pay the Fees

Once the document submission is done, it’s time for payment. Clear the payment to register the company. 

Apply for the Necessary License

Depending on the business activities, any additional permit or license might be required. Obtain those licenses from the relevant authorities. 

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist to Set Up Your St. Lucia Offshore Company

Besides tax benefits, offshore company services in Saint Lucia also prioritize confidentiality and data protection. Companies formed in St. Lucia are not required to disclose the identities of their shareholders or directors, ensuring asset protection and maintaining privacy.

To establish a trading company in Saint Lucia, you can expect advantages such as tax rates, minimal bureaucracy, and access to global markets.
The process involves preparing documents registering your company, obtaining a tax identification number, and fulfilling your tax obligations.
With its business environment and promising growth opportunities, Saint Lucia has become a destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike. So, without any more delay, contact our business setup experts for your Offshore Company Formation in St. Lucia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost of enrolling in commerce in Saint Lucia may differ according to the type of firm and extra services required. It is advised to speak with a professional service provider or the Firms Registry for the most precise and recent information on enrollment expenses.

Yes, offshore companies allow 100% foreign ownership.

No, offshore enterprises do not require a local sponsor.

An existing firm cannot usually be transferred to an offshore jurisdiction. It would be necessary for you to form a new offshore business.

Yes, nominee directors can be appointed for offshore companies.

Yes, meetings can be held in the nation by offshore corporations.

Offshore businesses are allowed to open local bank accounts, but they must abide by the rules and regulations of each individual bank.

An established offshore company's jurisdiction cannot usually be changed. It would be necessary for you to form a new business in the intended jurisdiction.