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Offshore Company Registration in Bahamas

The Bahamas is an island country of the West Indies in the North Atlantic and consists of hundreds of islands. The country's solid legal system attracts foreign investors to invest in the business. The country is bound by international treaties, making it a stable environment for business. The convenience of the business setup and the tax haven make the Bahamas a preferable choice for entrepreneurs.

  • Low tax on foreign-earned income
  • Corporate tax-0%
  • Incorporate your company within 2-3 working days
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Offshore Company Formation in the Bahamas - A Comprehensive Guide

Offshore company formation in the Bahamas can be completed quickly and easily with the help of a registered agent or professional services firm. The Bahamas is an appropriate choice for opening an International Business Company (IBC) holding company, Bahamian Foundation, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Limited Liability Company (LLC), and many more.  

Overall, offshore company formation in the Bahamas can benefit companies seeking a favorable business environment with low tax rates, minimal regulation, and a stable legal system. Therefore one can build their company according to the Bahamas company register.

The Requirements for Offshore Company Formation Bahamas

The list of all of the requirements to incorporate an offshore company in the Bahamas is as follows:

  • Company Name: Finalize the trade name for your company that will be registered in the country of incorporation.

  • Shareholders: At least one shareholder is required, and they can be individuals or corporations. The shareholder's details must be disclosed to the Registrar.

  • Directors: At least one director is required, and they can be individuals or corporations. The director's details must be disclosed to the Registrar.

  • Registered Office: Your offshore company must have a registered office in the Bahamas. This address will be used for official communications.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association: These legal documents govern your company. They must be prepared and filed with the Registrar.
  • Share Capital: No minimum share capital requirement exists for an offshore company in the Bahamas.
  • Taxation: The Bahamas is exempt from corporate and local taxes. There are no capital gains on the inheritance tax in the country.
  • Confidentiality: The Bahamas has strict privacy laws, and the Registrar will keep your company's details confidential.
  • Incorporation Fees: You must pay the incorporation fee to the Registrar to form your offshore company.
Benefits of Company Registration in Bahamas
Asset Protection
Business Confidentiality
No Corporate Tax
No Tax on Stock of Corporations
Bahamas Company Formation is ideal for
Asset protection company
Marketing of products and services
Hold bank accounts, financial or commercial titles
International Trading

Documents Required

Certified passport copy
Certified Proof of address (not older than 3 months)

The Process of Bahamas Company Registration

1. Choose a Name

Choose a unique name for your company not already registered in the Bahamas.

2. Appoint a Registered Agent

Appoint a registered agent in the Bahamas who will act as your company's official point of contact.

3.Prepare the Documents

The necessary documents for offshore company registration in the Bahamas are the incorporation certificate, memorandum of association (MOA), article of association (AOA), and statutory declaration form. All these documents must be submitted to the Department of the Registrar General.

4. Apply for the Incorporation Certificate

Obtain the incorporation certificate, which contains the official proof of the company registration in the Bahamas.

5. Open a Bank Account

The next stage is to open an offshore bank account for the offshore company for your future transaction.

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Gryffin Capitalist has a team of experts experienced in offshore company formation in the Bahamas. They can guide you through the process and ensure everything is done correctly and efficiently. In addition, they can provide fast and efficient service.

Gryffin Capitalist offers cost-effective solutions for offshore company formation in the Bahamas, benefiting those seeking to minimize expenses. In addition, we can help you design a company structure that meets your requirements. Contact us for further information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, non-Bahamians can form an offshore company in the Bahamas.

No, an offshore company in the Bahamas cannot conduct business within the country.

Yes, confidentiality is guaranteed when forming an offshore company in the Bahamas as long as all legal requirements are followed.

The tax benefits of forming an offshore company in the Bahamas include no corporate income tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax, or inheritance tax.

The costs of forming an offshore company in the Bahamas include registration, legal, and ongoing annual fees. The total cost will depend on the complexity of the company structure and the services required.