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Offshore Company Formation in Maldives

Discuss your Maldives offshore company registration details with an expert at Gryffin Capitalist. Check the list of essential documents and get a detailed overview of the process, costs, and terms for company registration in the Maldives.

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Maldives Offshore Company Formation

The Maldives is widely known as a tourist destination known for leisure vacations and luxurious water villas. Additionally, it also offers opportunities for investment and business ventures. With a thriving economy and market, the Maldives has become a choice for foreign companies looking to establish their presence in the island nation. We will delve into the process of a Maldives Offshore Company Formation. 

We will provide you with all the services to help you get started with Maldives offshore company registration, whether you're an entrepreneur or someone venturing into the start-up landscape for the first time. Keep reading to learn more.

The Maldives company registry allows for the registration of two types of company structures i.e. Private Limited Companies & Public Limited Companies. Foreigners are permitted to start and completely own private limited companies in Maldives. Maldives companies are mandatorily required to appoint a company secretary. The companies are subject to 5% tax on the income earned outside the Maldives jurisdiction and 15% tax on the income generated in Maldives. 


Benefits of Maldives Offshore Company Formation
100% Foreign Ownership
Limited Liability - The liability of the shareholders is limited to their contributions to the company.
Low Minimum Capital - The minimum share capital rate in Maldives is only USD 130.
Tax Exemption - Exemption from BPT, GST in Maldives.
Flexibility - The annual meetings can be held anywhere in the world.
Maldives Offshore Company Formation is Suitable for
Commercial real estate
Building ports

Documents Required for Maldives Offshore Business Registration

Proof of Identity
Proof of Address
Well-drafted Business Plan
Passport and Visa Copies of the Shareholders and Business owners
Professional Reference Letter
Bank Reference Letter

Steps for Maldives Offshore Company Registration

The following steps helps you understand the process of Maldives offshore business registration: 

Finalize the Company Name

Select at least three trade names to proceed with. Comply with all the regulations of trading names in Maldives. 

Fill Out the Application Form

Include all the detailed information regarding the shareholders and directors of the Maldives offshore company.

Register the Company

Submit all the documents required along with the application form to the Maldives offshore company registry. Upon necessary due diligence by the company registry, the company application will be approved and certificate of Incorporation will be issued. 

Open a Bank Account

Open an offshore bank account to conduct financial transactions for your company. It is recommended to open bank account at the initial stage which helps to deal with the transactions smoothly.

Considering Us for Your Maldives Offshore Company Formation

The process of Maldives offshore company formation can be tiresome if not executed in the right manner. It can save time and and efforts towards submitting paperwork by choosing to proceed with an company incorporation specialist. Gryffin Capitalist specializes in company registration in Maldives Offshore, and we boast years of experience, along with a expert team, making us your ideal partner for launching a successful business venture in this region.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for information on Maldives offshore company formation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is possible to acquire the Tax Identification Number from the Maldivian Register of Companies.

Yes, you must choose the company name; however, the name must not be taken by another company.


This is dependent on the bank's policies and regulations.

No, to open a bank account, you must indicate in the form what the company requires.

Foreigners may register a 100% foreign-owned company in the Maldives.

Foreign exchanges are not restricted in any way.