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Offshore Company Registration in Latvia

We are proud to be professionals in Latvia Company Formation services, with experience in providing global corporate services. 

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Latvia Offshore Company Formation

Latvia, a country located in the Baltic region, is positioned at the intersection of North and East Europe. It is taking advantage of its membership in the European Union, which it obtained in 2004. 

The country is currently witnessing an upswing in investments, and government authorities are actively working to simplify regulations for every Latvia Offshore Company Formation. They have streamlined the number of business units from 13 to 5, aligning with established EU standards to create a trading environment. 

Benefits of Latvia Offshore Company Formation
Low Corporate Tax - Latvia offers 15% of corporate tax, which is the lowest in the EU.
Low Paid-up Capital - The capital share amount is 2,800 EUR.
Usage of Multi-Currency - There is no restriction on the use of different currencies for an offshore company.
Business Confidentiality - None of the information regarding the shareholders and directors is disclosed to the public. Maldives maintains a high level of privacy for the offshore company formation.
Latvia Offshore Company Formation is Suitable for
Inheritance purposes
Import or export of products

Documents Required for Latvia Offshore Company Formation

Certified passport copy
Certified proof of address
Professional reference letter
Bank reference letter
CV (Signed)

Steps to Set Up a Latvia Offshore Company

Finalize the Company Name

Select up to three names for the offshore company in Latvia. Maintain all the regulatory requirements during the selection process. 

Select the Company Structure

Latvia offers plenty of business structures for offshore company formation. Choose one suitable according to your business requirements. 

Upload the Documents

Submit all the required documents to the government portal using the unique ID. 

Register the Company

Make the payment once it is generated after the authority reviews the documents. 

Get Additional Services

Open an offshore bank account if it’s needed to handle all the business transactions. 

Company Registration in Latvia - Why Is It Profitable to Collaborate with Us?

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Our team comprises experienced business consultants who possess entrepreneurship knowledge and are committed to achieving desired outcomes for our clients. By choosing us, you can benefit from advantages, including confidentiality during all Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to protect your information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If all eligible members of the company agree in writing not to hold the annual general meeting, the firm is not required to hold the meeting. Furthermore, any location can be used for a meeting.

If the client cannot satisfy the local criteria, a nominee director may be utilized. All of the company's required documentation will include the nominee director's name.


Minimum one.

The paid-up capital is not necessary (unless the shareholder is a corporate body).

It is not required to use a company secretary.

The Latvian Commercial Law governs firms operating in Latvia.

Indeed, accounting is necessary for all businesses.