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Florida Offshore Company Formation

Gryffin Capitalist can assist investors with Florida offshore company formation. Our offshore company formation package is designed to fit your business incorporation needs in Florida.

Some of the features of Florida Offshore Company include:

  • Non-residents can open a Florida LLC
  • High confidentiality
  • Minimal reporting requirements 
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Florida Offshore Company Formation - A Comprehensive Guide

With a gross state product (GSP) of around $1.1 trillion as of 2019, it is the fourth-largest economy in the USA. Florida contributes 5% of the approximately $21 trillion GDP of the United States. Therefore, Florida will expedite the process if you intend to establish an offshore corporation in any tax haven country.

The state has developed into one of the alluring locations with flexible tax structures, administrative benefits, and a business environment thanks to the stable administration and legal structure. 

Limited Liability Company (L.L.C) is the most popular company structure available for offshore shore company formation in Florida. The company law requires investors to submit an Articles of Association(AOA) with the Division of Corporations during the company formation process. The company requires a minimum of one director and one shareholder. Florida offshore companies are not required to pay any corporate taxes on the income earned outside the jurisdiction of the United States. However, personal income taxes are still applicable to the company personnel. 

Benefits of Florida Offshore Company Formation
Business Confidentiality
No-paid-up Capital Requirement
Minimum Reporting 
Business-friendly Environment
No Audit/Financial Report Requirement
Florida Offshore Company Registration is Ideal for
Real Estate
Online Services

Documents Required for Offshore Company Formation in Florida

Certified Passport Copy
Certified Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)

The Process of Florida Offshore Company Formation

1. Fill out the application form

In the first stage, fill out the application form mentioning all the required details.

2. Submit the documents

Hand over all the documents to the government authority responsible for Florida LLC registration along with the completed application form.

3. Register the company

Once the company is registered after the required verification, the resolution and consent documents will be sent to you for signature.

4. Open a Bank Account

Open a bank account in Florida or any other location to conduct business operations.

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist?

Gryffin Capitalist is a global consultancy firm that offers a wide range of business setup services, including offshore company formation in Florida. We provide a compact package for Florida offshore company formation, and our professionals can guide you through the process. When choosing a service provider for offshore company formation, look for a reputable and experienced firm that can offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process.

Gryffin Capitalist has a proven track record of success and can help you navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements of setting up an offshore company in Florida. So contact us today for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3-4 working days.

A business consultant can provide valuable guidance and support while setting up an offshore company in Florida. They can help you navigate the legal and regulatory requirements, assist with documentation and paperwork, and provide ongoing support and advice after incorporation.

An LLC must have at least one manager and one member. The manager(s)/member(s) can be of any nationality.