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Seychelles Offshore Company Formation - Maximize Your Business Success with Us

Set Up Your Business in Seychelles - You can definitely take advantage of the territorial tax system and enjoy the flexibility of one of the most versatile jurisdictions worldwide. Get a free consultation today from our experts.

Are you still wondering why you chose a Seychelles Offshore Company Formation? Mentioned below are some of the lucrative reasons.

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Easy start-up and fast incorporation for new businesses
  • No public disclosure of the shareholder's and beneficial owners' details
  • No tax or stamp duty
  • No need to file financial accounts
  • Company name options are highly available
  • The political and economic environment is stable and independent

If you are interested in forming an offshore company, the most critical aspect is deciding the jurisdiction. And once you make your move, you can avail yourself of many financial and tax benefits.

Your offshore company in Seychelles is ideal for asset management & holding, estate planning, online companies, international trading, boats and yacht registration, etc. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) is the governing body.

Unlock the secrets to global business success! Discover the strategic advantages of starting an offshore company in Seychelles and take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights.

Key Features of a Seychelles Offshore Company Registration

Have a look at the key features mentioned below regarding a Seychelles Offshore Company Registration.

  • You can start a one-man company (same shareholder and director)
  • No residency requirements
  • You can conduct the business from anywhere except Seychelles
  • There is no requirement to visit the country for your company formation
  • You need to file an economic substance form for multinational companies
  • All Seychelles offshore companies need to comply with the IBCs Act 2021

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean comprises the Seychelles of East Africa. If your chosen business activity is a high-risk one, then additional charges may be incurred.

We can confirm the details regarding this before your company incorporation. Connect with our experts for more details regarding the permitted business activities.

Seychelles is a growing international company incorporation market and a popular financial market (offshore). The companies that are registered here under the IBCs Act benefitted from one of the fastest company formation markets.

It also has the lowest government fees (annual). 

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The owners of businesses can open an offshore company and an offshore bank account in various locations with the aid.

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IBC Restrictions for a Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

The restrictions for International Business Companies extend to non-engagement in trust or banking activities unless you have a special permit. You cannot possess any property ownership either.

If you tend to operate in the insurance and reinsurance sectors, there is a separate permission requirement.

Readymade Offshore Companies

It is a company formed previously and stored as a non-trading company. You can take advantage of a readymade company in the following ways:

  • An already-established company boosts your business. It appears to be a reliable one that has been in business for many years.
  • Business relationships are established easily. Banking and business relationships are easily built with a previously registered business.
  • Customers will gain more confidence. Both the existing and the new clients will have more confidence as the company possesses a history.
  • Be Reassured: As all the offshore ready-made companies are non-trading, they are totally clear of any business liabilities and debts.

Seychelles Offshore Company Registration – Take Note of the Essentials

The paperwork required for a Seychelles Offshore Company Formation should be prepared very carefully before submission.

The Required Documentation for Your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

  • Each shareholder's/ beneficial owners' notarized passport copy (s)
  • A notarized proof of the residential address
  • Three proposed company names
  • If the shareholder is a corporate entity, the details of the parent company are essential.
  • Reference letter from a bank, an accountant, or a lawyer

The following are the primary set of documents you will receive from us after your company incorporates in Seychelles:

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share Certificates, etc.

Seychelles Offshore Company Registration Requirements

  • Minimum one shareholder 
  • The shareholder can either be an individual or a corporate body.
  • Minimum one director
  • Any number of additional directors can be appointed
  • A local registered address
  • Yearly renewal

Company renewal ensures its good standing with the authorities.

Importance of a Seychelles Registered Agent

Clients can avail of various benefits from a Seychelles registered agent. Some of them are as follows:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Privacy Protection
  • Convenience
  • Expertise
  • Access to resources

Reach out to us for further details regarding the benefits of a registered agent for a Seychelles Offshore Company Formation.

The Operational Costs of Opening a Company in Seychelles

Besides the registration fees, the following costs must be taken into consideration for a Seychelles Offshore Company Registration:

  • The utilities
  • Employment costs
  • The costs generated by the nominee services

Foreign investors should consider the costs generated by the nominee services while setting up an offshore company in Seychelles. One (or more) of the following services can be opted for by them:

  • Nominee Shareholder: This fee is payable annually to the service provider.
  • Nominee Director: This fee is payable annually to the service provider.
  • Company Secretary: Besides there being a larger package inclusion, it's also a recurring fee
  • Other Secretarial Services: These comprise services related to document custody or storage, call handling, etc. 

Though the services mentioned above are not mandatory, nominee shareholders and directors will ensure full privacy regarding a Seychelles offshore company. These can be beneficial for a foreign entrepreneur while registering IBCs (International Business Companies).

According to local legislation, having a registered address is mandatory. It can take the form of a virtual office, and the maintenance costs depend on the business owner's requirements.

Get Assistance for Your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

  • Drafting the essential documents for the company registration procedure
  • Filing the documents
  • Corporate bank account opening

Set Up Your Seychelles Offshore Company and Avail the Tax Benefits

With your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation, you can take advantage of the following tax incentives:

  • No tax on profits and income
  • Low administration and maintenance costs
  • Duty-free repatriation of profits to another country
  • Tax exemptions even on transactions out of the country
  • No capital gains or withholding tax
  • Annual auditing is not required for the IBCs.

The Tax Scenario for a Seychelles Offshore Company Registration

A local source of income is subject to corporate tax, whereas a foreign-sourced income does not have to pay any corporate income tax. There are no capital gains tax, inheritance tax/ estate duty, real property tax, capital transfer tax, wealth tax, or gift tax. 

Dividends, royalties, interests, or other payments made by the IBCs in Seychelles are exempted from tax as long as the income is not sourced in the country. However, the scenario is a bit different for multinational group companies.

Multinational Group Companies: Any group that comprises two or more enterprises, the tax residence of those companies, or if they are in different jurisdictions, or includes a resident of the enterprise for the purpose of tax in one location. Also, whether it is subjected to tax with respect to the business that a permanent establishment carries out in another jurisdiction.

The IBC is exempt from stamp duty on incorporation, transfer of ownership to or by the corporation, trading of shares, debt securities, or other securities of the company; the creation, modification, or release of a fee or other security interest in any asset of a company; and other transactions related to a company's business or assets. 

However, transactions with instruments directly or indirectly related to Seychelles real estate will be subject to stamp duty. 

NoteIn case an IBC conducts business with the residents of Seychelles, the Registry must be notified. Annual audited accounts and tax returns should be filed. 

You'll also have to pay local taxes and a 15% VAT which is levied on the provision of services and local supply of goods. 

5 Steps to Your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

The Seychelles Offshore Company Setup process comprises the following five steps mentioned below:

  1. Company Name

While deciding on a company name, all the words must be in English. The suffixes should be either Limited (LTD), Incorporation (INC), or Corporation (Corp). 

There are many guidelines for choosing a 'trade' name for your business in terms of availability, uniqueness, and availability. 

  1. Submit the Incorporation Order Form

You will have to provide the information regarding directors and shareholders. Any other key personnel's details are also essential to submit along with your chosen 'trade' name.

After we receive the order form, we'll inquire about the company name availability from the respective authority. We'll follow up by clarifying queries (if any) with you and advising accordingly.

The invoice will be sent to you for our services. 

  1. Note the Other Approvals and Make Payment

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be required to obtain some other approvals as well. After you make the payment, we'll prepare the incorporation documents and provide you with a checklist of the required company registration information.

  1. Opening an Offshore Corporate Bank Account

Once you duly sign the documents, we'll proceed with your Seychelles company formation. After you register with your company, you can open an offshore business bank account. 

To apply for one, you will have to comply with the identification requirements.

  1. Staying Compliant

Staying compliant in a highly business-friendly place like Seychelles is a lot less stringent compared to other jurisdictions. Here, the IBCs are only required to maintain accounting records that can be in any currency and kept anywhere.

Disclaimer: One can choose to open a bank account in certain places after registering with his company. The user is not obligated to choose from the list and can suggest another bank of his or her choice. 

GC (Gryffin Capitalist) does not provide any banking services. Referral services include preparation of documents and submission of documents to the bank. Such acceptance is at the sole discretion of the banking authorities.

Bank account opening requirements are subject to mandatory due diligence on the part of the bank and terms of compliance with national and international standards (FATF), particularly in relation to the fight against money laundering. The content of this page should not be construed as a recommendation to waive any due diligence or standards compliance. 

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What Justifies Gryffin Capitalist as Your Seychelles Offshore Company Formation Experts?

Gryffin Capitalist has been dealing with the Seychelles Offshore Company Formation for many years, and our clients are witnesses not only to our speed of the company incorporation process but also to our service efficiency. All the work carried out by our experts is done with the utmost confidentiality.

Our company registration packages are customized as per your business requirements, and our annual renewal prices are one of the lowest. Once you provide us with all the details, we'll assign a dedicated expert for you who will take care of all the necessary requirements on your behalf.

Our Services for Your Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation

We provide the following services in Seychelles:

  • Asset and Wealth Management Offshore Company 
  • Forex Trading Business
  • Offshore Foundation Company Formation
  • Offshore Holding Company
  • Nominee Shareholder and Director Services
  • Offshore E-Commerce Business
  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Offshore Bank Account
  • Offshore Intellectual Property Business
  • Offshore Software Development Business
  • Offshore Taxation Services
  • Seychelles Trust Company Formation
  • Shelf Company

Maximum jurisdictions have legal obligations that require to have a licensed agent in a specific location. Then, only they can submit the relevant applications and the incorporations.

Finally, your company onboarding, formation, and compliance will be processed by that agent, with Gryffin Capitalist as the introducer and intermediary for your Seychelles Offshore Company Registration.

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