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Travel Agency License in Dubai

With a Travel agency license in Dubai, one can unlock limitless opportunities to cater to the evergrowing tourism industry and grow businesses in the UAE. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free company formation experience, and we'll work closely with you to confirm the license is obtained in a timely manner and efficiently.


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All about Travel Agency License in Dubai

All about Travel Agency License in Dubai

There is no doubt about the fact that Dubai is one of the most preferred locations for holidaying in the world. The favorable climate, wonderful coast, architectural monuments, and stunning modern buildings make Dubai a perfect location for vacationing of any sort. The Government is making a considerable effort for the development of the tourism industry in the UAE. The combination of these factors makes the jurisdiction attractive for running a tourism business or a travel agency in Dubai.

Types of Activities under the Travel Agency License

  • Selling plane tickets
  • Issuing travel insurance
  • Selling tourist packages through a website
  • Providing support during visa issuance
  • Creating tourist packages and marketing them through various channels
  • Offering accommodation options

Requirements before Opening a Travel Agency Business in Dubai

As a business owner, before setting up a travel agency license, you must know this,

  • The manager of a travel agency license must have three years of experience if he or she has a university diploma or a certificate in travel and tourism, or five years of experience if he or she only has a high school diploma
  • Provide a lease contract and the blueprint of the location where the travel agency will operate. The contract must be signed for at least three months and the office space must have at least 30 meters for each activity.
  • The travel agent must obtain a certification issued by the Civil Aviation Department in Dubai.

Cost of Travel Agency License in Dubai

Any business license is dependent upon many factors including the company’s size, the activities performed by the business, and the number of owners. The people who are eligible to set up a business in Dubai need to be qualified for a visa in Dubai.

Conventionally, travel agency license costs in Dubai can vary from business to business, but it starts from AED 35000 if the agency is owned by a single person who is eligible for one visa in the country.

As mentioned earlier, the travel agent is a mandatory requirement no matter the business form chosen by the owner. The travel agent plays an important role in the company, as he or she will have to complete the following activities:

  • The agent will be in charge of the sale of flight tickets;
  • He or she will provide the necessary support in obtaining the travel visa;
  • The agent will be in charge of securing accommodation for the tourists;
  • The agent will also ensure the transportation services and guided tours (where applicable) tools, and skills are in place.

Process of setting up a Travel Agency in Dubai

Dubai, with its impressive infrastructure, luxurious amenities, and diverse cultural offerings, is a prime destination for tourists from around the world. As a result, setting up a travel agency in Dubai can be a lucrative and rewarding business venture. Let us provide an overview of the process for setting up a travel agency in Dubai.

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Since the travel and tourism segment is strictly regulated, it is difficult to get this license or even open a travel agency. But you can always use the services of specialized firms. It is much easier and more efficient to entrust the job to professionals and concentrate on developing your ideas and plans. We at Gryffin Capitalist can help you get your travel agency license. Contact us today and know more.

There are many benefits to using experts from Gryffin Capitalist while obtaining a travel agency license in Dubai. Gryffin Capitalist also has a successful track record, having assisted various companies in getting a travel license and expanding their presence in Dubai.

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