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Sohar Freezone Company Formation

Sohar free zone company registration is one of the attractive options for Free zone company formation in Oman and it consists of a wide range of business activities on offer. Sohar free zone offers the below-mentioned business licenses as follows: 

  • Special Transport Permit
  • Common Area Work Permit
  • Sohar Work Permit

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Sohar Freezone Company Formation

Sohar Freezone Company

Sohar Freezone in Oman provide access to developing economies in the Indian ocean region. The Sohar Freezone along with its port is well connected by road, rail and air. Additionally, it provides direct connectivity to all the Gulf countries. The Sohar  free zone has spread over an area of 4,500 hectares with first phase and second phase under development offering a lot of incentives to investors and is filling up fast.

Oman in the Gulf region is one of the fastest growing economy in the MENA region and provide stability to its investors. Business setup in Sohar freezone is very simple and approval can be obtained without hassles. To make the business process seamless it provides one-stop-shop system for all government clearances which provides a significant advantage. The most popular licenses include industrial license, logistics license, general trading license and service provider license.

Process of Sohar Free Zone Company Registration

Determine Business Activity: Decide on the business activity you want to undertake in the Sohar Free Zone. This could include manufacturing, trading, services, logistics, or other permitted activities.

Choose a Legal Entity: Select the appropriate legal entity for your company. The Sohar Free Zone allows various entities, such as Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Companies (FZC), or Foreign or Local Company Branches.

Name Approval: The authority will review your proposed company name after applying. It will be approved if the name is available and meets the requirements. Alternatively, you may need to provide alternative names for consideration.

Legal Documentation: Once your company name is approved, you must prepare the necessary legal documentation. This includes drafting and notarizing the memorandum, articles of association, and other relevant agreements.

Capital Requirement: Determine the minimum capital requirement for your chosen legal entity type and ensure available capital. The Sohar Free Zone Authority may require proof of funds.

Obtain a business license: Submit all the documents and get the business license. This could include environmental permits, industry-specific licenses, or other regulatory clearances.

Payment of Fees: Pay the required registration fees, license fees, and other applicable charges. The fee structure will depend on the entity type, business activity, and other factors.

Finalize Registration: Once all the necessary documentation is completed, fees are paid, and approvals are obtained, you can finalize the registration process. Then, the Sohar Free Zone Authority will issue the commercial registration certificate, license, and other relevant permits.

Lease or Construct Facilities: As a registered company in the Sohar Free Zone, you can lease a suitable plot of land or a ready-built facility. Alternatively, you may construct your facilities subject to the relevant regulations and approvals.

The Required Documents for Sohar Freezone Company Formation
Passport copies of the shareholders
Board resolution of the company
Investor’s form

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Sohar free zone company formation involves actively working with different departments such as Sohar free zone authority, Ministry of Environment (MECA) , Oman chamber of commerce and others. It can sometimes be a tiresome process and can become deterrent for new investors. Hence it is recommended to take assistance from experienced company formation consultants.

Gryffin Capitalist has a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in company formation in the Sohar Free Zone. We are well-versed in the local regulations, legal requirements, and procedures, ensuring a smooth and compliant setup process.

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No, the physical presence of the directors is not mandatory.

General Trading License, Industrial License, Light Manufacturing and Assembly License, Logistics License, Service Provider License