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Private Clinic License in Dubai, UAE

With a Private Clinic license in Dubai, UAE, unlock endless opportunities for healthcare services across the country. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, and we'll work closely with our clients to confirm the license is obtained quickly and efficiently.


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All About Private Clinic License

All About Private Clinic License in Dubai

With 6+ years of experience in company formation, Gryffin Capitalist can guide you through the entire process of obtaining a private clinic license in Dubai. You will get assistance from qualified staff and ensure everything runs smoothly in getting your private clinic license. 

A private clinic license in Dubai is a legal authorization granted by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) that permits an individual or group to operate a private clinic in Dubai, UAE. A private clinic license is required to provide medical services to patients and operate a private clinic in Dubai.

Benefits of Obtaining a Private Clinic License in Dubai

UAE has a huge demand for healthcare services
Several government incentives for starting a business
There is a separate segment of medical tourism 
Owning a private clinic gives you flexibility in business operations
You can be on a path to providing various job opportunities
You will be able to provide personalized care to the patients
Documents Required to Obtain a Private Clinic License in Dubai
A copy of the free zone authority's or DED's letter of trade name registration
A copy of the land plot number from the DED or free zone authority's land registration certificate
CAD schematic designs and drawings showing the recommended floor plans and layout designs with precise room measurements for each room/area and services labels
A signed business plan by the owner or partners for other projects, such as outpatient clinics or rehabilitation centers, or a feasibility study for big projects (hospitals, day surgery centers, and reproductive centers.
Copy of passport and residence permit
Proposal letter from the director with the power of attorney who is also the owner, partner, or both. 

Steps For Obtaining a Private Clinic License in Dubai, UAE

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