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Branch Office in Dubai

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Set Up a Branch Office in Dubai

Set Up a Branch Office in Dubai

A branch office in Dubai is an extension of a company already established outside of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It allows the parent company to conduct business activities in Dubai while maintaining its legal identity and liability. A branch office is not considered a separate legal entity but operates under the umbrella of the parent company.

Foreign companies commonly use a branch office to expand their presence in Dubai, tap into local markets, and engage in regional commercial activities. Are you one such company? Gryffin Capitalist is here to help you with your journey

Documents Required for Setting Up a Branch Office in Dubai
Proof of trade name reservation
Application form for registration
Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation of the Parent Company
A copy of the parent company's certificate of incorporation
Copy of the director's passport
Clearance letter from parent company
A copy of the local service agent's passport and naturalization book
Power of Attorney for Board Resolution of Parent Company to Open Branch in Dubai
Articles and Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation must be translated into Arabic and duly notarized
A license is required to open an office in Dubai, whether a new branch or a branch office.
First approval of the MOEA declaration issued by the parent company detailing the business activities to be carried out (For Commercial License)
Audited financial statements of the parent company for the last two years (For Commercial License)
A copy of the Dubai branch real estate lease agreement stating the property number (For Commercial License)
Copies of all previously submitted documents for initial approval (For Commercial License)
Benefits of Opening a Branch Office in Dubai
By opening a branch office, businesses can tap into the thriving business environment, access a large customer base, and expand their market presence
Dubai is known for its business-friendly policies, attractive investment incentives, and free zones offering various advantages
Having a presence in Dubai enhances a company's brand visibility and reputation.
Opening a branch office allows businesses to take advantage of the ease of doing business, ensuring smoother operations and faster growth.
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Establishing a Branch Office in the UAE
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Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist?

It is important to note that the process and requirements can vary based on the specific business activity, location, and legal structure chosen. Consulting with legal advisors and business consultants who are familiar with the regulations and procedures in Dubai is highly recommended to ensure a smooth and successful setup process for your branch office in Dubai.

If you want to set up a branch office in Dubai, we at Gryffin Capitalist are here to help you make the process hassle-free. Contact us today as our Dubai team is an expert in offering you the proper guidance and information regarding the incorporation according to the local laws and customs and providing you with a foresight of the business environment in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A branch office is a registered company extension that operates in a different location from its headquarters. It allows the parent company to conduct business activities in Dubai without forming a separate legal entity.

Opening a branch office in Dubai offers several advantages, including access to a thriving market, strategic regional and international business locations, a favorable tax environment, a simplified company setup process, and the ability to establish a physical presence in the region.

Yes, foreign companies are allowed to open a branch office in Dubai. The government of Dubai encourages foreign investment and provides a supportive environment for international businesses.

The business activities that a branch office can engage in depend on the parent company's license and the permissions granted by the relevant authorities in Dubai. Certain business activities may require additional approvals or specific industry regulations.