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Representative Office in Oman


Oman is the second largest economy in the Gulf region with high consistent growth rate over last few decades. It has ranked in 12th position for the efficiency of the Government by the United Nations. The Omani economy is more open to foreign investors in the recent years offering many opportunities for growth either by working with the Government sector companies or exploring the vibrant private sector. Representative office in Oman can be a right way to start understanding the Omani market before make the right business decisions. Let us learn more about Oman representative Office.

What is a Representative office in Oman?

A representative office in Oman can be defined as a legal company structure formed by an established foreign company in Oman to carry out only the non-transactional operations in Oman. The representative office is restricted only to conduct promotions on behalf of the foreign parent company and carryout market research in Oman.

  • Representative office in Oman is governed by Representative Office Regulatory Law
  • Representative offices are required to appoint an individual who is an Omani resident to represent the company.
  • These offices are allowed to rent/lease office and employ local/foreign staff
  • Oman Representative offices can import commercial sample products of parent company as part of the promotions.

Benefits of Oman Representative Office

The following are the benefits of setting up an Oman representative office:

100% foreign ownership
Conduct thorough research and understand the Omani market
Promote parent company product & record response to take major decisions to enter the country
Helps build the brand image with a representative office which can be followed by grand launch in Oman
Documents Required for Setting Up an Oman Representative Office
Certificate of Incorporation of foreign parent company
Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of parent company
An authorization letter from the parent company for representative office manager
Identity documents of authorized signatories
Specimen signatures of company directors
Undertaking letter from the foreign parent company stating to own the liabilities of Oman representative office

Why Choose Gryffin Capitalist?

Oman representative office can help the foreign businesses understand the Omani markets and adopt their products to launch them on time to gain market share in Oman. The process of setting up an Oman branch office involves working parallelly with various departments. Each step of the process must be carefully completed to ensure the application sails smoothly and company is registered in the required timelines. 

Gryffin Capitalist with our team of company formation specialists with years of experience in Oman company formation will be your right partners in your journey to open a representative office in Oman. Contact us today to talk to our consultant about the process of company registration in Oman.

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