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General Trading License in Dubai, UAE


A general trading license is one of the most common types of business licenses in the UAE. It allows firms to carry out general trading of commodities. UAE is preferred by global investors as it provides access to international and local trade operations. You can obtain a general trading license in both mainland and the free zone.

Benefits of Getting a General Trading License in Dubai

  • UAE has a significant tax advantage since trade transactions within the UAE have only 5% VAT.
  • With a general trading license, you can trade anywhere in UAE.
  • With the license, it is much easier to form a company and you can choose any type of structure you want.
  • Visa applications for employees are much easier with a general trading license.
  • There are no currency restrictions
  • 100% return on capital and profits

Documents Required to Get a General Trading License

  • Details of business structure, activities, and plan
  • Passport copies of the shareholders & directors
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Visa copy
  • Trade name

Steps for Getting a General Trading License in Dubai

Follow the below steps to get your general trading license in Dubai

1. Register Your Business

Select your business activity first, or list several activities if appropriate. Choose a trade name for your business and make sure it follows the UAE naming rules. For instance, you should confirm that your company name is available for registration and does not include inappropriate words. After that, you can turn in the first approval form. You should also submit all the necessary documents as mentioned above. The authorities will grant the trading license after thorough due diligence.

2. E-Channel Services and Entrance Permission

You must sign up for e-channel services. This online system streamlines the application process and eliminates pointless paperwork. After registering, you can submit an application for admission permission. This is a short-term visa that is only good for 60 days.

3. Status Change

You can start changing your status after you get your admission permission. Activating this is best done within the UAE, but depending on your nationality, you can also leave and enter again.

4. Emirates ID

You must submit to a medical examination to register for an Emirates ID. This entails a blood test, x-rays, and further pertinent examinations. You can submit an application for your Emirates ID card after you get the results. This identity card is required in the UAE to create a bank account, rent a home, and sign up for cell phone contracts.

Although applying for a general trading license is fairly simple, you'll need to be ready with the appropriate paperwork and knowledge to clear the necessary hurdles.

Cost of General Trading License in Dubai

The general trading license in Dubai depends upon whether the business is incorporated in the Mainland or Free zone. It includes a permit, memorandum of association, and professional fee.

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