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E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi

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E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi

E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi

Get your E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi right away to open the door to countless business opportunities in the burgeoning e-commerce sector. Online shopping is currently more popular than ever, and the local digital economy is still expanding. 

In Abu Dhabi, at least a hundred well-known retailers provide their products online. 

Everything About the E-Commerce License – Abu Dhabi

By completing an online application for an Abu Dhabi business license, you can start small and think big. It is possible to create a business without any employees or a physical presence from outside the UAE.

In many cases, you can establish a corporation from the convenience of your home, wherever that may be, through a quick and simple application process. If your company grows, you can choose between renting office space and utilizing co-working and hot desk services.

Advantages of Obtaining an E-Commerce License

Obtaining an E-Commerce license from the UAE government also has some immediate advantages. In Abu Dhabi, obtaining an e-commerce license has the following advantages:

100% Foreign Ownership
Seamless Bank Account Opening
Importing and Exporting merchandise is simple.
Create a Seller account to sell through Noon or Amazon
Registration of Trade Name is simple and quicker.
Policies and regulations to empower businesses.

Abu Dhabi E-Commerce License Types and Activities

The following license options are available for selection:

  • Portal license
  • E-trader license
  • A license for a virtual business.

The Abu Dhabi e-commerce license permits the following online trading activities:

  • Jewellery and valuable stones 
  • Clothing, textiles, and presents 
  • Media Resources and Publications 
  • Personal, professional, and household items 
  • Transport and vehicle methods 
  • Equipment 
  • Tickets for sporting and recreational events.

In addition to these, there are numerous other activities available depending on your business area of choice and the permissible activities listed in your company license.

    To obtain your E-Commerce License in Abu Dhabi with a visa, follow the steps listed below.

    Follow the steps below, after which you should apply for your visa

    • Select a jurisdiction 
    • Pick a legal organization.
    • Receive preliminary permission and register a "trade" name.
    • Prepare the supporting evidence
    • Lease a workplace
    • Obtain the additional approvals
    • Obtain a business license
    • Create a business bank account.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, a trade license is required by UAE law in order to sell online. The Department of Economic Development or a free zone can issue you a license.

    Follow the simple instructions listed below to get an Abu Dhabi e-commerce license: Select the product category for your online store: items or services, If you intend to sell things, look into your alternatives for transporting and storing them, Register your license with a free zone or the Department of Economic Development, Open a business checking account, With the online payment gateway provider, sign a contract.

    You certainly can. A trade license must be obtained. You must also have proof that you (or any of your assistants) are clear of contagious diseases and that the bakery products you create adhere to the standards for hygiene.

    This will depend on the free zone where you are setting up. The majority, though, do not want an office.

    Yes, otherwise, you might have to pay a hefty fine.

    An e-commerce business must register for VAT if the sum of its taxable imports and supplies exceeds AED 375,000 per year. Businesses are free from having to register for VAT if they import and supply more than AED 187,500 yearly.