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Company Registration Cost in Oman

Oman offers many incentives to investors who are considering Oman as an investment destination. However, it is essential to understand the cost associated with company registration in Oman. You can start your company in Oman from OMR 1,999.

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After deciding to set up a company in Oman, the next most important factor for the investor is to budget the costs for company setup. The company registration costs form one of the critical elements in the Omani project for the foreign investor. Company registration in Oman involves dealing with many Government agencies to obtain permits, choosing the business location and activity, hiring staff and sponsoring their visas. Let us learn more about the costs of forming a company in Oman.

Factors Affecting the Company registration cost in Oman

Some factors that actively influence the company registration cost in Oman include: 

  • Business Location – The investors can open a company in Mainland or Oman Freezones based on their business requirements. The cost varies depending upon the company location and may differ from one freezone to freezone.
  • Business Structure - Oman offers investors different types of company structures, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, branch office, representative office, etc. The cost depends upon the requirements of each type of firm. For example, an LLC requires a registration fee of OMR 1000 (subject to change depending on the business activity).
  • License Type - The cost of an Oman trade license varies depending on the business license type. The compliance requirements for obtaining licenses will also differ from one license to another.

Costs Associated with Company Registration in Oman 

The investors must consider the elements mentioned below in their investment budget towards company registration costs in Oman.

  • Company Registration – The company registration fee is paid towards the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's company license costs. Depending on the company's business activity, it may vary from OMR 250 to 3500. The company may renew the license periodically.
  • Office Space - Certain businesses must have physical office space in Oman when applying for visas and hiring company staff. The cost may vary depending on location, size, and space requirements. The office space can either be rented or leased. Generally, it ranges between OMR 1000 and 5000 per month.
  • Visas – The visa costs depend upon the total employer and employee visa requirements, along with medical test costs. The Royal Oman Police(ROP) issues the visas.
  • Bank Account Opening – The banks may charge a nominal fee to cover administration fees to process the bank application. It covers the applicant's background checks and other verifications carried out by the bank.
  • Municipal License – Omani companies must apply for additional permits/licenses from municipalities and other government agencies. Budgeting for these extra costs is essential for the project.
  • Capital Requirements – The investors must show readiness to invest the necessary capital to operate the company. The exact requirements depend on the company's structure and activity. It may also consider the costs towards marketing and advertising company products. 
  • Staff Salaries – Company personnel play a pivotal role in the company's success. The company should budget for expenses, including registration with the Ministry of Manpower, salaries, and other costs, to comply with Oman's strict labour laws.
  • Professional Fees – Setting up an Oman company may require the services of professionals such as company formation specialists, lawyers, accountants, etc. The fees will depend upon the requirements and nature of the services provided by the professional. Depending on the requirement, one can expect to pay between OMR 1000 and 5000 for legal services.

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Foreign investors must carefully budget the company registration costs in Oman, accounting for all the items required to start operations in Oman. One recommends hiring the services of an experienced company setup specialist. The specialist can provide a detailed account of the formation requirements and the related costs of each process step.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The applicant's chosen business structure will determine the minimum capital needs.

The different costs associated with Oman company registration include: 1) Company license fees 2) Office space costs 3) Visa fees 4) Staff Salaries 5) Professional Fees